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Inflatable punch bag for stress relief!This is a great gift for those who need to let out a bit of steam... It provides a fun way of relieving your feelings of stress, anger and frustration! This is an inflatable punchball is the shape of a bowling pin. There is a compartment at the bottom which is weighted with sand, so every time you punch this and no matter how hard, it will always bounce back up to standing position! It is extremely durable and will be able to withstand the strongest of hits.This is an ideal gift for anyone in your life who needs a little help with managing their stress. It’s perfect to sit on your desk ready to be hit any time you feel the need! This whack it punchball comes packaged in a stylish colour box as seen in the picture which makes this the perfect little gift!

Whack It

4,99 €Τιμή
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