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 Sometimes, subtle hints are too weak when you are hot and in the mood! How should you get the message across? By using a tried-and-true technique for communicating: ringing a bell! With the Ring for Sex bell next to your bed, it is easy to let your lover know you are in the mood!


  • Tell your lover you are ready for romance with this sexy bell!
  • Sexy communication in its purest form!
  • The package has a guide to the noble art of sexual ringing, which explains how one, two and three chimes should be interpreted!
  • The phrase “Ring for Sex” is printed on the bell
  • Red bell made of metal, black handle made of plastic
  • Measures: approx. 13 x 7.5 cm
  • N.B.! The bell is not magical, unfortunately. We cannot guarantee that your passionate ringing will get the response you want!

Ring for Sex Bell

SKU: bellsex
5,99 €Τιμή
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