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This great effects kit comes complete with all the components to create a frightening look this Halloween.

Just follow the instructions and you'll soon be looking horrific!

Recommended for age 15+


Latex Stitched Neck Scar Prosthetic, Red, with Adhesive.

Don't forget to add these accessories to complete the desired look

Professional Style Gel Blood

Latex Stitched Neck Scar Prosthetic

SKU: 46803
6,99 € Κανονική τιμή
5,99 €Τιμή Έκπτωσης
  • Do not apply to damaged, inflamed or sensitive skin. If possible, test for allergic reaction before use. If an allergic reaction occurs remove & seek advice. May stain fabrics, carpets, soft furnishings, porous materials etc. Apply carefully.

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