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How cute are these colour in, then wipe off balloon gifts, they will keep the little ones amused for hours , they come with 3 different coloured chalk pens and can come with chocolate/sweets and pocket money toys added to the box

Includes - 1 x Air-Filled 24" Bubble Balloon double stuffed with an 18" colour balloon with a character picture, 3x chalk pens and personalised box, each balloon will have a removable lid, so your child can get to the goodies or for you to fill the box with whatever else you like or if you prefer can come on a balloon tray for easier access to the treats!

Optional Extra's

Easter Eggs (Easter time only)

Sweets and pocket money toys

Pocket money toys

Empty box  (so you can fill yourself)


Easter Colour Me In - Balloon Bubble Gift

ΤιμήΑπό 30,00 €
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